I’m so happy to have my certificate after a hectic month of writing a very rough draft of the time travel novel that has been in my head for 2 1/2 years now. But I’m far from finished writing this draft now that my characters are so fully developed.

Did you participate in NaNo this year?

6 thoughts on “Winner!

  1. Hi Jennifer, congratulations! I’d like to time-travel so much. Have my best greetings from a parallel Italy (of another time or another univers)…
    I’m going to share your post with twitter :)

  2. Janyece – November was such a hectic month that I’m now recovering, lol. Did you win Nano yesterday? I hope so. :)

    Aatt – Nice to meet you! I like your blog and wish I could understand Italian. Time travel is such a fascinating subject to me. Thanks for sharing my post on Twitter. :)

    Cathryn – Thanks for stopping by; I’m excited to buy Buried By Debt now that I have lots of time to read it thanks to cervical surgery. I hope all is well with you. :)

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