Background, Setting, and My Old House…

I have learned some key points for adding an interesting background and setting for The Enchanted Locket. Since my co-author, Anthony, and I were not able to make a recent visit to upstate New York, we have changed the location to my old town in Pennsylvania: Jackson Twp., which is about forty miles north of Pittsburgh. I wanted to use a setting that I know very well, from the history and layout of my former neighborhood, to the restaurants that my family and I shared meals in.

One of the writing tricks I learned is to include the weather conditions. My novel opens in the summer time, so I have focused on the humidity that the area has, and I also included the wind storms that rattled the windows during the winter months. I remember being ‘spooked’ in my old house during the winter time. Between the wooded lake that stood just across the street, and the dark gray skies that never seemed to let the sunlight out, it sometimes felt a bit eerie. And that’s exactly the setting that I need to set up my story.

What about you? Do you include weather reports in your setting?


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