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I’ve read several blog posts recently regarding how much influence blogs – either book review or writer/author blogs – have on readers to buy books based solely on the connection between the reader and the blog.

Roni Loren asked the readers of her blog, Fiction Groupie, to answer a poll (anonymously) as to whether or not they would buy her debut erotic romance novel based on her blog. The majority of them answered that they would buy her book whether they read erotic romance or not to support her career. I’ve followed her blog for a while, and love her personality and her desire to help writers hone their skills, so even though I have never read an erotic romance novel, I will buy Crash Into You, because I know already she is a good writer.

This question got me thinking about the amount of books I have bought this past year as a result of finding and reading blogs.Β  Last week my writing friend, Teresa Frohock, posted a link to her interview on Jennifer Neri’s blog, where I also found author Catherine Grant onΒ  in an interview about her debut novel, The Demise of the Soccer Moms, read and posted a review of the novel. I read more about both Catherine and Jennifer and now follow their blogs as well.

Since I wouldn’t have even known about these authors or their novels, meeting them through blogs has influenced me enough that I buy their books, sit on the couch, and get swept away for a few hours in the wonderful world of fiction.


12 thoughts on “Blogs and Books…

  1. Hey Jen- nice post! I have definately picked up books I wouldn’t have heard about without social networking. I don’t think it would influence me to buy outside of what I know I like- like I know heavy scifi’s not usually a winner for me-but if it matches my interests, then sure, I’ll give someone a try. Uaually that means checking the library though. I usually only buy books that I want really really badly.


    • Hi Kelly – the library is an ideal place to try a new book. I used to read the books my mother checked out when I was a teenager. Lately I find interesting books on writing blogs and then order them from Amazon.


  2. Yay! You’re going to buy my book? *hugs* Maybe I’ll introduce you to a new genre you might like. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for linking to my post and for the kind words. I’m really pleasantly surprised with the survey results. I don’t blog with the intention of selling books, but it hopefully will be a nice side effect! lol


  3. I too think it amazing where the blogging world can take us! So many books and people I never would have come accross otherwise!
    Yes, I will absolutly buy books from a blogging friend if I don’t normally read that genre, style, whatever. It is about supporting one another!
    And thanks for the mention πŸ™‚


  4. Hi Jennifer,

    As you can tell, I’m a bit behind in visiting blogs 😦

    Thanks for the mention! And thanks again for the review.

    I agree, I’ve discovered so many new writers through blogs (and Twitter) …. I love this virtual world. In fact, I just discovered a new movie about writing. Check out


    • Hi Catherine, I’m in Colorado with my family on spring break and read your comment just now. I am glad I found your blog and your book, and have been reading it again for tips on suspense that you implement so well. πŸ™‚


  5. Hi, Jennifer. Thanks for the comment on my blog!

    I’m always curious how readers find my ebooks. Amazon, B&N, etc. don’t tell us, so we have to guess (unless someone writes and lets us know!). I do think the social networking stuff helps, though, from what readers have told me, most sales come from them stumbling across the books on the bookstore sites. I know my free ebook has been a real boost for my sales of my non-freebies at Barnes & Noble and Smashwords (where I was able to get it listed).

    It’s very cool to see that some readers do find writers via guest blog posts and interviews and the like though!


    • Hey Lindsey, thanks for the comment! I meant to buy your books and review it on Goodreads and Amazon but have been so busy this month. I’ll get to it soon…

      It is interesting how people find both blogs and books, and which ones sell well. It’s good to know people are finding your book from browsing the bookstore sites.


  6. Don’t forget the power of Goodreads as well. Not just blogs, but Goodreads reviews do have pull in buying decisions, as I’ve found out recently when another Goodreads member responded to one of my reviews.


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