Writing in Pain

Writing and editing my novel is a challenge for me when I’m in pain. My body is super sensitive at times. My muscles tighten all over, (often resulting in a migraine) and my skin feels like something’s crawling underneath the surface. Sometimes I can write my novel in this condition, while other times I am bed-ridden until the my body calms down.

I’ve had this ‘reaction’ for five days now, and I’m frustrated that I still feel awful, but plan to edit/write anyway.

Do you ever have days when it hurts to write? What are your coping tricks?


10 thoughts on “Writing in Pain

  1. Nisa says:

    Don’t follow my example. When I’m in pain, I usually don’t write. Though sometimes writing itself can be a coping mechanism. I get migraines and sometimes they’re not as bad as others. When they’re in the “in between” stage, I find that keeping busy, writing, is a welcome distraction.


  2. Nisa says:

    Sheesh! I totally got sucked in by the question and forgotten the rest of my comment. I hope you feel better soon! I’m sorry you’re in pain!


  3. I’m with Nisa. I don’t write when I don’t feel good. I got really super sick with my last pregnancy and just stopped writing all together for about 6 months. The only problem with that is getting back into it again. i wish I had kept writing, even when i didn’t feel like it.

    Feel better, soon.


  4. writernubbin says:

    Oh no! I hope you feel better soon. Like some of your other commenter’s, I don’t write when I feel real bad either. Writing will be there waiting for you šŸ™‚ Take good care of yourself.


  5. I can’t write when I have a migraine. When I’m pain-free, I have delusions of how my writing might be different and I should try writing when pain is intense, but of course, that doesn’t work when I face the reality.

    I hope you’re feeling better by now!


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