Back and Forth

Lately I’ve gone back and forth between editing my adult ghost-mystery novel and writing the first draft of my young adult time travel book.

You may be thinking, why? Or how can you work on both stories at the same time? When I need a break from editing Olivia’s interactions with her various ghosts, I switch gears and write from my sixteen-year-old Rachel’s perspective with traveling through time. It helps me stay focused writing and editing my two novels instead of reading thousands of wonderful writing blogs (though they are so helpful, I don’t write about my characters) and I feel better by the time my children come home from school.

Do you work back and forth on two or more stories? Or are you better at finishing what you are working on before plotting your new world?


7 thoughts on “Back and Forth

  1. I’ve never done this, but I’m considering it. I have a new project that’s demanding attention, but I really should be going through round three with Power’s Touch. I wonder how well I can multitask… Happy writing/revising!


  2. I constantly go back and forth between writing my second book, and going back and editing book 1. It means that this second book has taken me forever to write, but since I constantly keep putting it aside to edit, oh well! But I do like to focus on one or the other if I can.


  3. Before the baby was born, yes, I def switched between first drafting and editing. It was great working both sides of the brain!

    But now my writing time is limited I’m only focused on editing my current wip.


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