Internet Distraction

I found an interesting post about internet distraction written by Colson Whitehead. He states that “the internet is not to blame for your unfinished novel: you are.” We have the choice to close the internet browser and work on our novel.

This is a problem for me as I love reading writing blogs and learning about the ever changing publishing world. Some days I want to work on my novels, but too often I find myself on Facebook or Twitter. It would be fine if I took a quick glance and then closed the window.

Instead I get sucked in by interesting and often educational blog posts and before I realize it, the kids are home from school wanting my attention. Now I’ve lost my precious writing time. When I’m away from my story for too long, my characters demand my attention by keeping me up past my bedtime with scenes I should include…

Do you get enticed with social media too? If so, what do you do about it?


5 thoughts on “Internet Distraction

  1. I too get sucked into blogs, etc. My goal this month is to be short and sweet with posts and interactions. I’ve also planned to make sure Twitter, etc. are turned off. Then, on Sunday night, I was trying to make a few Twitter connections from the weekend’s conference and the big news about ObL was trending in my feed. Ah, it pulled me right into the newsfeed, then and then a live stream of the president’s speech. It was like I was sitting in front of the TV chilling out, because I certainly wasn’t working at the computer.


  2. I definitely get enticed into social media. I’ve had to resort to an app called “Freedom” that shuts off my internet connect. I can bypass it by rebooting, but it’s enough of a hindrance to make me say, what are you doing? It’s helped quite a lot. 😀


  3. Lately I don’t have time at all for blogging (my form of online social media), it’s been so hectic and I’m really trying to buckle down on my novel, so when the urge takes, I just shout NO! to myself and get back to work. Except for now of course…


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