My Blog’s Makeover

I’ve been changing the look and theme of this blog many times….but this time my husband helped me create a new header with the enchanted locket from my ghost novel.

The background will be the cover when Anthony and I are finished with the revisions. I pray that will be quick; it’s a bit difficult with our physical pain and ailments….

Do you ever give a blog your makeover when you’re either bored or not happy with it?


4 thoughts on “My Blog’s Makeover

  1. I’ve made over my blog several times. I try to leave it one way for a while, but that doesn’t always happen. I change a lot of things, though. My furniture, paint colors. I’m not one to keep things the same forever.


  2. I like the new header. I’ve been waffling on whether to change from Blogger to WordPress, etc. Bloggers’ glitch last week really bothered me, but I’m thinking any server, etc. could go down.


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