Where’s My Self-Discipline?

I’ve had another crazy week preparing to travel to Pittsburgh, PA with my father-n-law. He has Parkinsons Disease and turns 90 on Monday. We’re taking him to an assisted living facility. Let’s just say my writing has taken back seat to my stress yet again.

I have trouble focusing on much of anything when intense stress invades my life. The good news is I’ll have time to write on the plane. The bad news is I’ll be totally exhausted from waking up at 3am…..

Anyone have ideas to help me with my self-discipline?


8 thoughts on “Where’s My Self-Discipline?

  1. I have to allow myself to have those moments of distraction. If I stew about how I’m not able to get to things, I just make myself miserable. If I can’t get to my computer or my writing time, I use the time devoted to things like driving or dishes to think about what’s next in my writing or sticky problems I’ve come across and haven;t resolved.


  2. Hey Jen- there’re lots of times when writing is in the back seat. Or in the car behind me;) Don’t feel bad- you have a family to take care of and that’s most important. Get some sleep and write when you can. I hope your trip goes well and that your F-I-L likes his new home.


    • Thanks for the encouragement, Kelly. I’m nervous about taking my F-I-L to his new home because he forgets things and becomes confused and frustrated.
      I try to balance the various parts of my life, and often writing is the first to go in the back seat, lol 🙂


  3. Sometimes you need to rest. You can beat yourself up to write, and not be productive. When you’re rested, you might be surprised to find yourself accomplishing double what you’d expected. Have a safe trip.


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