Feast or Famine

The school year ended last Thursday, and this has been a long week trying to keep my two sons busy. During the school year when they have homework after school, the neighborhood kids rang the doorbell every few minutes. Now that their homework is done, the kids have vanished, and my ten year old wants a new toy everyday!

So I’ve formed a win-win plan. I have some copies of my Rusty My Playful Cat books for them to sell, and they can use the money they earn towards the toys they both desire.

We’re at the library where there are lots of families, but so far they’ve been too shy to approach anyone.

Does anyone else have children who want to spend money all summer?


4 thoughts on “Feast or Famine

  1. At 1, we’re still in the – “I want to hold this in my baby death grip” stage rather than needing to buy stuff. I have lots to look forward to. Hand selling books could be a lost art by the time they get older.


  2. Sounds like a good time to try to get them to read more too. I don’t agree with pay for chores or pay for learning per se, but you could set up a fund of sorts for every book read or sold, so much money goes into a coffer for a later purchase. This would get them to read and also teach the value of saving.


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