New Facebook Author Page

I‘ve created a Facebook page as I prepare to my publish THE ENCHANTED LOCKET novel, so if you get a chance, I would appreciate anyone who ‘likes’ my page here that takes you to my page. Any ‘likes’ will be returned on your page (if you have one).


9 thoughts on “New Facebook Author Page

  1. Great (or is it just “writerly” minds) think alike. I wrote a post about trying to reach my 25. I asked my husband for help and well, I’m still laughing and waiting for that like. I asked the WU folks to help me, plus I finally sent an email to a few friends, etc. asking them to “like” me.


  2. I admit my co-author told me to ask the WU people to help me, but I was afraid I’d come off as looking for attention, lol. Then I saw your post, and WU people did like you….and my ‘friends’ did not. I actually asked my husband if I could hack into his account and like my page for him since he was too lazy….maybe you should ask your husband if you can ‘like’ your page as him, lol 🙂


  3. This whole promotion stuff is a fine line. I like that post that Amy Nathan linked to on the issue at the WU group. I don’t have anything being published any time soon — for some odd reason I just wanted to grab that username and check that off my list of things to do. I ventured to post a link to my blog post from my Story A Day challenge piece on my personal Facebook page. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by my friends’ reactions, but I didn’t ask them for a like for the FB page. I’ll do that later when I have something to publish. The hacking is a novel idea!


  4. Congrats on moving forward in such a great way. And not to worry about self promotion, it’s usually the best way to get started. After a while, people will take over, promoting you to an ever expanding network. It worked for a band I was in once, and now it’s starting to work for me as a writer – and I don’t even have an author page on FB yet. Good for you!! Best of luck!!


  5. I “liked” your FB page and even shared it on my regular page. I don’t have a writernubbin page–hee! Keep plugging your book–of course you should! You’re doing great 🙂


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