My New Domain!

I haven’t been thrilled with my website on ipage because of the lack of creativity. You can’t upload your own background,  and when updating the site, I copied and pasted my information in a word document because Microsoft has a better color font selection.

We’ll, I’ve changed the theme and images on this blog since I started it last November. My goal was to have my website and blog with the same appearance. It took me a while to get the hang of WordPress’s features; lots of exploring and playing around.

Tonight, now that I’ve customized it to my liking, I bought a domain for this blog! I am now, though my wordpress link sends you here.

Have you ever switched website hosts? If so, why?


10 thoughts on “My New Domain!

  1. I really, really like your background too! Nice place you have here, Jennifer.
    My blog is over at go.daddy, since it was included with my website package. I’m learning to like it much better, since I was sad to leave behind my original blog at blogger. I’ve been shamefully covetous of wordpress, and I know there are ways to incorporate wordpress onto my go.daddy site, but the little voice in my head keeps telling me to leave well enough alone. (The little voice being the one that knows what a bumbler I am with all things technical.)


  2. I grabbed my domain name a couple of years ago, but continue to use Blogger for a blogging format. Just when I think I want to switch to a website, I see others just have blogs. I go back and forth. One day, I’ll need to take a leap of faith. Glad you are doing it.


  3. I love your site…everything ties together to evoke your enchanted realm!

    Yes, I changed hosts. At one time I had a website and two blogs, one for blogging, one for flash fiction. I was going nuts trying to keep them all linking to each other with every update.

    Like you, it took awhile to get the hang of all the features, but I wanted the blog integrated into my website, and life is so much easier now that I have one home.


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