Emotional and Psychological Depth

Getting my character’s emotions from my head to the manuscript has been one of the toughest learning curves for me. I bought one of the best writing reference books this week and have discovered how to develop a deeper psychological profile for my characters. “Breathing Life Into Your Characters” by Rachel Ballon, Ph.D offers wonderful insights to write about the thoughts and feelings of characters whose background and experiences are different than ours.

Ballon states, “Emotions should be the lifeblood of your characters and stories. Without emotional characters you are writing about events, but you’re not drawing in your audience.” (p.104) I created a profile for my characters, did not include their psychological/emotional background, but I’ve been working on it….and it’s fun!

I suggest this book to writers of all genres. Has anyone read this book yet? If not, it’s on sale, take a look here if you are interested.


13 thoughts on “Emotional and Psychological Depth

  1. I just took a workshop on “Building Character” and it really made a difference. I will have to keep the momentum going and check out this book. Thanks!


    • I had no intention of buying this book when I found it on the Writer’s Digest website, but the psychologist side of me wanted to learn how to use it for my characters. The book actually combines psychology and writing in a unique way. πŸ™‚


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