When life is stressful…

I get inspired to write! The last three days have pushed my emotions several degrees higher. This picture is of my sons sleeping in a hospital bed. The boy on the left has an inner ear infection which spread to his outer ear. The ENT doctor thought he needed emergency surgery the next morning. He looked so sweet I almost cried at the thought of him having his 10th surgery.

Fortunately the swelling behind his ear went down and they postponed the surgery. But this morning I drove my husband to a pain doctor where he received a shot in his back while under sedation.

My character, Olivia, suffers from stress and injury and ends up in a hospital. So these recent events will add depth to my scenes as I edit THE ENCHANTED LOCKET.

Do you use life’s stressful events to write your story?


14 thoughts on “When life is stressful…

  1. Sorry to hear about the boys (the young ones and the older one as well.) As for stress and my writing? I’d use it for material but no one would believe it!


  2. My life’s stressful events usually make it into some story at some point. Disappointments, a tiff with the neighbor, significant traffic events, weather-related events, problems with friends or family. It might not appear the day it happens, but it all ends up in a story sometime, somewhere …


  3. There is nothing on God’s green earth more stressful then worrying about our children and families. It’s the one thing I find impossible to shut-off or divert when the tide of worry or emotion is riding high in my “away from the keyboard life.” I have tried to pretend away or ignore stress in order to write, but of course that’s an exercise in futility. I’ve come to recognize that my writing is more honest and deep at those times when I surrender to real life and allow certain elements to have a walk through my WIP.

    Wishing you and your family peace, health, and well-being, Jennifer!


  4. Of all of life’s stressful events, stress over your child is regular stress times ten. Hope all is better.

    As for your question, stress bleeds into my stories whether I mean it to or not. But also, when a character is in stress, I pull upon my own experience. Perhaps at least this helps me deal with stress–I can always use it in a story.


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