Powerful Objects

While watching The Lord of the Rings movie, I was inspired to edit my ghost manuscript regarding my locket.

The evil power contained in the ring sucked people in almost immediately and they are driven mad.

I thought about objects that hold power. While the Sauron’s ring was meant for evil, Gandalf’s staff is used for clearing spells and protection. The movies suggest the staff is what holds Gandalf’s power, yet the book implies that his power comes from within. He focuses his power through the staff as a form of concentration, which is very fun to watch.

Do you use objects either as a source of power or as a symbol for something?


4 thoughts on “Powerful Objects

  1. Yes I have a fantasy WIP with a weapon as a source of power. But I also think, reminded by your locket, that even in commercial and contemporary fiction objects can be sources of power, recollection, inspiration and growth–I’m thinking Titanic & the necklace!


  2. For my memoir-in-progress, I have objects from “that life” that remind me through sight, tougch and sometimes sound of what happened. For this real-life story, these little things serve as memory triggers to moment, battles and emotions. Today on my blog, I passed along a Stylish Award to you Jennifer. I’m grateful I found your blog.


    • Objects from real life are the most powerful ones we have….how is your memoir going? I’d love to read sometime!

      Thank you for the stylish award,Stacy! I’ll have to check it out; I’m grateful we are writing friends. 🙂


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