I’ve been in the children’s hospital this week with my son and had plenty of time observing people. We’ve had the most interaction with the nurses, which helps with my final edits of THE ENCHANTED LOCKET, as my protagonist spends time in one herself.

Little things have bothered me, such as how they initially greet patients when they first enter. Do they knock, or just barge in? Most nurses here open the door, and take the chance that one of us are sleeping, not dressed, or in the bathroom.

Speaking with the doctors has also been a fun learning experience. They visit around 6 am and wake up my son, look in his ear, seem a little startled at his ‘don’t touch my ear’ pleas, and finish their exam.

I’ve learned this week that everyone is unique, so I am free to leave my scenes alone if I wish to.

What do you do for research? Do you read other novels and take an idea here, an idea there?


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