Catching Up

I’ve been editing my manuscript this week and ended up adding more scenes for my young lost ghost, Emma. She keeps talking to me at night and wants her story to be told, so I’ve been busy working on her character traits and personal history. Very fun!

About a month ago, I started a Tumblr account on the advice of Roni Loren on her Fiction Groupie blog. I couldn’t resist a blog where you can post random thoughts or pictures that are easy to post. (At least that’s what I took from the idea). So, if you’re interested in seeing another site of my Creative Notions, click on this link.

Okay, time for me to write Emma’s story now. What are you up to?


2 thoughts on “Catching Up

    • Hi Peggy – nice to meet you!
      It’s a lot of fun when a character inspires me to write their story, and frustrating when they don’t talk. Often they talk during revisions where I make their life more difficult…

      I hope your characters talk to you (talk to them first) and your revisions go well!


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