Patience With Neck Surgery

Last Monday I had neck surgery and stayed in the hospital overnight. I knew I would not be the best patient when I ripped off the leg pump pads so I could walk to the bathroom without waiting for the nurse. As soon as I disconnected my leg from the second pad, the alarm started beeping and my nurse came in with a mixture of annoyance and amazement that I would do this shortly after major surgery. He insisted I walk with a walker, and that he follow me!

My mother came two days later to visit me and has been taking good care of me. This collar keeps my neck in place but gets heavy after an hour of wearing it. I am ready for my body to heal so I can write my novels and lead an active life again after 7 years of pain.

Any tips on patience you wish to share with me?


7 thoughts on “Patience With Neck Surgery

  1. So sorry to hear you have an owie!! I’m not a good patient either but I do know that just going with the flow for the time being makes the process a bit more bearable. Soon enough you’ll be back to writing the way you want to. I hope you get lots of TLC 🙂


  2. I’m in my hubby’s hospital room right now–he got a new knee yesterday, and is as impatient to “get on with things” as you seem to be. 😉 In his case the trick to “patience” is a determined spouse sitting on his chest until the nurse arrives… ( Is it still “patience” if it’s enforced? Probably not. 😉 What you also probably have in common is a great prospect for recovery since you’re both determined to get back to regular life. Best wishes with your recovery!


  3. Please do what the doctor orders, so you can have a speedy recovery. I know from a caregiver’s perspective it seems like a lot of “hurry up and wait.” Perhaps you could use a digital recorder to make notes while you are in recovery mode? Tell your Mom I said thanks for helping. Rest while she is there to help.


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