It’s Great to Work on My Novels again!

After a six week resting (from doing much of anything) break, I feel well enough to work on my novels! It’s so amazing to write after letting the stories sit in my word documents while my neck heals. I’ve enjoyed reading Kirsten White’s Paranormalcy series; it’s fueled my desire to edit my paranormal novel, The Enchanted Locket.

Have you met your writing goals this week? Do you find it difficult to write after the business of the holidays?


6 thoughts on “It’s Great to Work on My Novels again!

  1. Yes, I honestly do find myself struggling to get back into the writing momentum. I find it diffuclt to get going, and even once I do I need to take lots of breaks. I can’t wait to get back there! Good luck to you on your revisions.


  2. Hard to tell; I am having trouble, but I think it’s mainly due to my big WIP having been transferred through 3 different wp programs. But that first week of the year rush hasn’t come on, yet. I’ve decided this is the year I’ll finish editing it, though.
    Glad you’re able to get to yours, now, too.

    Peace, Mari


  3. I hope we both finish editing our manuscripts this year; doing timed word/editing sprints with other writers seems to help me get further along. I’d long to form a steady group of writers who does word sprints with me on a set schedule….


  4. With a pastor in the family, the holidays are always non-stop. Getting back into a consistent writing schedule is a challenge to be sure; I’ve had to cut back on the ambitions. The novel pitch in Feb is the priority, then the weekly or semi monthly entries in the two blogs.

    Glad you are well enough to start writing again!!


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