Started physical therapy….

It’s been a while since my last post because of my high level of pain. I didn’t know that cutting a few pieces of a cucumber and bell pepper would pull what’s left of my shoulder muscle!

But I’m excited to start my much need physical therapy, even though doing the exercises caused me more shoulder pain. So during this pain-filled month, I’ll be writing as much as I can….probably passing along the pain to my characters.

What have you been doing….anything exciting you’d like to share?


10 thoughts on “Started physical therapy….

  1. sorry to hear this, Jennifer.
    I do hope you recover quickly!

    just throwing this out there, but I did physio for years after a car accident with very little results. After many recomendations I saw a chiro, and was 50% better after one session.

    I hope you get back to your characters!


  2. I’m sorry to hear you’re still suffering Jennifer. I hope the physical therapy helps you get better. Ongoing pain is so hard to deal with. Maybe soon you’ll be able to put the worst of this behind you and get on with good writing sessions and happy pain free days. I’m thinking of you. xo


  3. In the Marines we always called Physical Therapy (PT) something else: pain and torture. I actually liked it, once I got used to it. And it did help.
    I understand how chiro would be nice but not really possible for you. Hopefully the PT will get you back on track soon! And if Lee Trevino could get back to golf after being hit by lightning, you will, too!


    • Physical therapy is pain and torture; my therapist hurt my neck! I had an x-ray taken for my surgeon which claims my fusion is still okay….and then I hurt it again today carrying a tray of food. Someday I’ll be whole again, lol. 🙂


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