Getting Better!

Last Monday my physical therapist had me do an exercise that hurt my neck and sent me running to my surgeon’s office. I was so relieved when the x-rays came back with no change in my fusion–I did NOT want to repeat that surgery!

Now that I’m back to the not over-doing it/resting stage, I’ve been editing The Crossroad novel and The Enchanted Locket novel, which has been a great boost to my health. Focusing on my characters’ problems and solutions takes my mind off of mine, which is how I began the journey of writing a full length novel. Since Anthony and I split up Emma and Olivia’s stories, the words have practically jumped out of my head and onto the keyboard. I should have listened to them sooner when they said they had their own tale, instead of trying to force both plots together.

That’s all I have for an update at the moment, other than when I’m not typing away at my keyboard, I’m slowly packing up boxes for my move next month. What’s new with you?


6 thoughts on “Getting Better!

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better! Sometimes it feels like the healing process will never end but it does eventually. Are you leaving Houston or going to a new neighborhood?

    It’s amazing how the work rolls out of us when we listen to ‘the voice’!


  2. I once had a PT who did more damage to my back that was already messed up — I was so angry! He did this really weird thing where he twisted me and then jumped up and slammed down onto my legs and upper body – OMG! I wasn’t expecting that – the pain was immediate — it took weeks to get the imflammation back down – dang!

    Anyway – take care of your neck — ! glad it is okay!


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