In the process of moving…..

I can not believe I’m sitting in a coffee shop as I write this post because a realtor is taking someone through the house I rent!

I realize now I’ve been very quiet while spending the last three weeks preparing for my move – though it’s only five minutes down the road. Our school district is changing, so there are countless hours preparing my son’s paperwork, and buying school clothes for his dress code policy of solid colored polo shirts with khaki pants.

  My oldest son just moved to Idaho to live with his Godparents so he can attend a wonderful, exclusive elementary school. Today is his first day and I’m hoping he is fitting in with all the other smarter-than-heck kids. I love that the school a hundred years old is so small, with beautiful hard wood floors!

That’s enough about my hectic life, what have you been up to?


4 thoughts on “In the process of moving…..

  1. Good luck with all these changes! I know it’s been a while since you posted, but I remember you are not supposed to over do it! Your son’s school in Idaho sounds lovely.


  2. You sound busy busy busy! Glad the school situation is working out (at least, here it is a few days later and I haven’t heard of any disasters.) We had to move due to the sale of our rental, years ago, and did whatever we could do to keep our kids in the schools of our choice. Now we are very glad we did so,

    btw, Your header photo is awesome; I saw many flowers similar in color when we visited Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. Beautiful shot!


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