Ready to write again…

My home office is still not quite organized yet, but my characters’ voices are telling me they have waited long enough for this move to finish. So, I’m back at my keyboard with Time Control: Deception (my time travel) since that story is demanding my attention.

I need to read through the last few pages that I wrote/edited to get my writing groove back, but I am so glad to begin! My neck is a lot better, and we are happy in this new house, so it is time for me to wear my writer’s hat again…

What are you working on today?


5 thoughts on “Ready to write again…

  1. At this moment, I’m supposed to be completing the office clean up in case it turns into a guest room this weekend. Glad to see you are back at it. I’ll begin revisions on the memoir later this month. Fun and scary. And, there’s that whole A to Z Challenge taking place this month too.


  2. I have an unexpected night off from “E-Commerce in the Global Economy” and yes, it is as dry as it sounds. So I am going through all the blogs I follow, reading what has been posted and just plain catching up with everyone. Glad your neck is doing better!


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