Going to Pittsburgh

We’ve pretty much settled into our new rental house, which makes me so happy!

My mother fell down a flight of stairs three weeks ago and I’m leaving on Sunday morning to help them out for a while….and I’ll do my very best to convince them to sell their house and move here.

I need to keep praying, since they won’t go without resistance. What I’m excited about is that my netbook (laptop) decided to work again, so now I can spend the morning/afternoon writing with (hopefully) very little distraction. 🙂 My characters are still talking to me, but I’ve been too busy with the new house to write much. This travel time should be just the boost I need….


4 thoughts on “Going to Pittsburgh

  1. Jennifer, I sure hope your Mom is doing OK. The upheaval of moving and a strange place with no friends is going to make your battle to convince a tough one. Good luck though.

    + here’s to getting some writing done! 🙂


  2. Best wishes for your Mom to have a speedy recovery. Safe travels and good luck getting some time to write. It would be nice, if they could live near you. We live away from family and wish we didn’t.


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