New Website Design

Yep, this another site image/template….again. For almost two years I’ve struggled with many different designs for this author site, since I write for children, young adults, and adults, in various genres. The publishing experts strongly recommend that authors make their sites about them, or at least their genre/age.

Somedays I feel like a young girl again, trying to find my place in the world. The scenic headers I’ve used are pretty…..but they did not represent who I am or what I do, and it drove me nuts. Two days a week my talented husband writes computer billing software for anesthesiologists, and last night I asked him to help me customize my site on his computer. I’m amazed at how fast he researched online how my template was coded and then learned to program new codes for my changes!

I forgot about this header until this morning, and gazed at the brush and the open bottle of ink. It reminded me that I’m a fiction writer first, and blog about my work-in-progress. Sometimes the social networking becomes a job in itself, where I spend one to two hours checking Facebook, Twitter, or reading people’s blog posts. For some reason, this header image inspires me to work on my manuscripts. 

My mother is feeling better after her tumble down the stairs last month and will return to work next Tuesday.

I need to finish my weekend cleaning and then work on my manuscript. 

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.  🙂




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