The Enchanted Stone

Anthony and I discussed and wrote a lot about where the enchanted locket came from and how it was formed, and I realized this is a great story.

My great grandparents from Ireland inspired me to write this part of the novel about a year ago. They arrived in New York City from County Cork, Ireland in the 1920’s.

I will post more information on it as we finish writing and editing The Enchanted Stone.


2 thoughts on “The Enchanted Stone

  1. I love knowing the story behind the story. πŸ™‚ What of “The Enchanted Locket”? I’ve never seen where it is available, if it is? Hope things are going well for you Jennifer. How are you?


    • Hi, Jeanie, how are you? The Enchanted Locket isn’t finished yet, and Anthony and I wanted to publish a short less complicated story.

      So for the moment, only Rusty My Playful Cat is available for sale. πŸ™‚


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