The Enchanted Stone

Anthony and I discussed and wrote a lot about where the enchanted locket came from and how it was formed, and I realized this is a great story.

My great grandparents from Ireland inspired me to write this part of the novel about a year ago. They arrived in New York City from County Cork, Ireland in the 1920’s.

I will post more information on it as we finish writing and editing The Enchanted Stone.


2 thoughts on “The Enchanted Stone

  1. I love knowing the story behind the story. πŸ™‚ What of “The Enchanted Locket”? I’ve never seen where it is available, if it is? Hope things are going well for you Jennifer. How are you?


    1. Hi, Jeanie, how are you? The Enchanted Locket isn’t finished yet, and Anthony and I wanted to publish a short less complicated story.

      So for the moment, only Rusty My Playful Cat is available for sale. πŸ™‚


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