My Great-grandparent’s History

I’ve been busy with research about Ireland for The Enchanted Stone and bought a Gaelic and Irish book with CD’s. My goal was to learn how they spoke in the early nineteenth century so the dialogue would be smooth, and learned that after the potato famine in the 1840’s, most of the people who spoke Gaelic, or ‘Gaeilge’ as the Irish call it, had either died or sailed to America. Most of the people spoke English except for the enclaves on the western and southern coasts.

I love family history!  My goal for this week is to research which ship they arrived on and add it to my story. My father’s grandparents arrived in Ellis Island in the early nineteen hundreds from County Cork, Ireland. They were very kind to my dad, and I thought of them often while working on the Enchanted Locket, and the Irish culture.

In their honor, my character’s names are John and Sarah McPhillips, from County Cork, Ireland.

Has your family influenced your writing?



  1. D.J. Lutz · June 24, 2012

    I love adding little bits of my family history into my stories. My family is strange enough that given any situation, I probably have a story from a relative that fits. Good luck on the research!


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