This has been a tough week and I’ve sat here for an hour pondering what topic to post on. It’s important to me to connect with my writing, but none of the usual author topics seemed to work. With good reason:

I’m so unsettled.

My son Noah had two surgeries in the last two weeks, and may need a third one to fix his left eye. He went to school on the first day and has been home with me, trying to recover.

Yesterday we took Noah to the emergency room. His left eye has what looks like cooked egg white, and the ER said it’s a capsule. They sent us home and told us to call the surgeon on Tuesday for an appointment. He has to miss MORE time from school? He may also need surgery to fix this ‘capsule,’ and go through this all over again.

My husband Jim and I have been working on new plot developments with Time Control:Deception this week, where my fictional characters’ troubles help calm my nerves.


5 thoughts on “Unsettled

  1. I recently read a quote about ebb and flow; when family calls, it’s time to ebb, yet beautiful things can happen when things are supposedly standing still. I hope your sons eye heals quickly~ Peace to you and yours (I found you on wordpress reader and perhaps on Twitter, too)


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