Peeling off the layers in fiction

I LOVE getting hooked into a new series in books or TV shows. Yesterday, while I watched the first episode of the new show, Revolution, I noticed how they layered the plot sequences to suck us in. The two brothers talking on the phone before the black out, the family preparing for it – which the man, Ben, knew was coming exactly when it did.

Immediately, my mind was fixated on how did he know this blackout was coming, and what did he download to his computer? Was it how to turn the power back on, which he didn’t seem to want?

In order to find out more information, I remained glued to my seat as each scene rolled out. Fragments of their former life were revealed in the aftermath of the blackout and how it changed their lives. This show reminds me of the show Lost. Each week  revealed new information about the characters’ lives before the plane crash.

It reminded me of how important it is for me to peel off my characters’ layers throughout my fiction, where readers only see parts of my characters, the ones that move the story forward. Sometimes I add additional layers to my main characters as ideas pop into my head while reading fictional books or watching TV, and this new inspiration helps my story come together.


2 thoughts on “Peeling off the layers in fiction

  1. Someone once told me that each page should add something to the character and create a question for the reader, “otherwise why turn the page?” I missed the show, but may have to tune in next time!


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