Hotel Galvez

My family and I recently went to the island of Galveston (in Texas). After spending time in the ocean and eating a quick snack, we went for a walk.

We entered the beautiful lobby inside the Hotel Galvez and ended up taking a two hour tour with the head of security when I studied the picture of Mr. Galvez. He gave us an enlightening history lesson regarding the ‘Great Storm’ of 1900, a huge hurricane killing about ten thousand people.

The story of an orphanage managed by a loving nun broke my heart. When the water reached the top of their building, the nun tied a rope around her and the children in hope of them swimming. I cannot imagine the terror those they must have felt. One of the little girls is now a resident ghost in the hotel’s basement where she bounces her red ball to the fear of the guests.

After hearing several other interesting things about this island, my interest in writing a ghost novel in Galveston has invaded my mind. I hope that you may have a similar experience with your research as well.


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