Tonight my husband is in the hospital with an aggressive infection in his leg. It started yesterday, and this morning he had a fever and a large red rash on his leg. He couldn’t walk, and I drove him to the ER. They admitted him and he is on antibiotics and pain meds, and has received many blood tests to check his white blood cell count. 

The tests this afternoon came back a bit high, most likely from fighting the infection, though they will scan for a blood clot as well. All of this served as a good reminder to me that things in life can and do change very fast in life, and I must try to always be prepared, whether I feel well or not.

I wasn’t feeling too good myself, but made the choice to serve my husband and best friend to the best of my ability. Dealing with this stress and uncertainty caused me want to write more scenes in our time travel novel, as a way for us to remember our love of this young adult story, and how it brings us closer together.

This is one of the many reasons I became a writer – to create tales that temporally help me forget about my problems and concentrate on my characters who have a life of their own.


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