Would Rather Be Writing…

Sometimes I wonder if my novels will ever be published. The arthritis in my hands have become severe and it is difficult to type well. Adding to this is my numerous family responsibilities, and I can’t remember the last time I added a single word to any of my documents.

I still think about my characters and stories, but it now seems to be in a distant part of my mind. The way you file things in your head to remember in the future, instead of immediately working on of my stories.

I am in the process of training the software Dragon Speak to learn my voice patterns so that I can ‘speak’ about my characters’ lives into my tales. So far it has been a very slow process because it has trouble loading, or can’t find the registration numbers that I already used to set it up.

My husband and I are working on training it today, so hopefully my version of writing will go much smoother and faster.


4 thoughts on “Would Rather Be Writing…

  1. Sorry about the arthritis. It makes things so much more difficult. And the family life. Yep, something or someone always need attention. Here’ hoping the voice program helps you get some thoughts on ‘paper’.


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