Training My Dragon Speak

For the next two weeks, I will be training my new Dragon Speak software program to learn my speech patterns to help me work on my novels. As I have thought about it, I was always better at telling a story out loud.

When my sons were young, I asked what topic they would like me to tell talk about. After they chose one, usually about one of our cats, the story literally flowed out of my mouth without me thinking about what I would say, as if it were the animals speaking. Many of them were very cute stories that I could fit into my goal: if they were fighting or upset, I would just start talking about whatever popped into my head at the time. If it was nap time, I would have the cats play with an animal they just met in the woods and when they wore themselves out, they would curl up into a ball and go to asleep. Somehow I could lead into the sleepiness part, and it would help them fall asleep.

In the past, many of the famous tales we know about were oral stories that no one wrote down. Each generation would pass down stories they learned from their parents, so it makes me feel better knowing that I am using an old form of story telling which I’m sure my Irish ancestors did. I know what my characters need to do in each scene, so I will just review the scene and tell myself what the characters are doing and saying to move the story forward. And I will most likely pretend that my sons are listening to it so it feels more natural.

Have you ever tried using Dragon Speak? If you couldn’t type for long periods of time, would you?



  1. Elaine · May 1, 2014

    I hope the Dragon Speak works out better for you. I want to read your new ghost novel!


  2. Jennifer E. McFadden · May 1, 2014

    I know you have waited a long time, mom! really hope to ‘write’ a lot more now too, as long as Dragon can translate what I’m telling it to write. I’ll do my best this month! 🙂


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