Full of Hope

Stretching_cat Tonight as I write this post I am grateful for these three things:

My son has helped me lift a light amount of weights (on machines) for my arms, chest, and lower back at our local gym to regain some sorely needed muscles which I need in my everyday life. It’s amazing how fast our muscles will turn to fat once we hit forty. My son is a wonderful at pushing me to go when I make many excuses to stay home.

The Dragon Speak software is such a blessing as I write and edit my Young Adult manuscript that I no longer feel anxious about finishing it. Actually, the idea of opening the document gave me some anxiety, since writing for long periods of time is painful.

While my body today is a bit sore from yesterday’s workout, I am filled with a lot of much needed hope that as I faithfully continue with these workouts, my body will become strong enough for me to return to an active life where I can return to serving my friends and family instead of being the grateful one to receive their love and service.

It brings me joy to write this post tonight without my arthritic fingers begging me to stop, that I am full of hope for a brighter future, both with writing and my family life. Yet I know that my three chronic illness will last me throughout my life, and I must be diligent in keeping my body strong. My perspective and gratitude since my illness began has strengthened me to always persevere, and to never give up.

Image of stretching cat can be found here.


4 thoughts on “Full of Hope

  1. I’m glad you are working out too. You are too young to be in pain like this; I don’t want you to end up like your father…


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