I’m happy that my husband and I had time to work on our YA time travel novel together. I started this book 5 years ago, and work on the manuscript off and on.

This past weekend, we both felt ready to read what we wrote and refresh our memories, and the two important scenes that help move the story was what we focused on. The nice thing was, I was able  to type it instead of using the Dragon Speak. I talk faster than I type, but it was nice to work with my talented husband after more than a year past without him typing a single word!

It would be great if I spoke the rest of my scenes with Dragon Speak and finished it already, yet because of my sensory overload problem, it is much harder for me to put the headphones on and start talking for longer than five minutes. As long as we make progress on the manuscript and enjoy this fun writing journey, I’m happy.


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