Summer Vacation

Crater Lake Two

Photo by Boomsbeat

Summer flew by this year, and my family and I have been busy. We flew to Los Angelos and then drove as far north as the Crater Lake National Park in Oregon before driving South to San Diego in Southern California. All in ten days!



20140806_162345We explored three national parks in four days: Crater Lake, the Redwood Forest, and Yosemite Park. These parks are each beautiful in their own way; clear blue lake, beautiful redwood trees, and the gorgeous mountains of Yosemite, though the waterfalls are bone dry. It’s sad how dry the state of California is. The fire risk is extremely high with several fires devouring sections of the trees throughout the mountains.

Los Angelos is a fun city to visit, and see family. Disney Land has a fantastic color light show at the California Adventure Park, which inspired me to work on my manuscripts. San Diego has such beautiful beaches.


We saw so much and slept in a different hotel almost every night that when we returned home it felt odd to be in Texas.