My Dad’s Birthday

DadYesterday my father turned 75 years old, which for my family is pretty old. Unfortunately he is in a lot of pain from his back and feet due to numerous sports injuries plus disk degeneration, so he stayed home and watched T.V. all day.

He is a funny man who would do anything to help me out when it comes to my own pain. When I went to physical therapy last summer, they used ultra sound therapy on my feet. It REALLY helped me feel better, and it occurred to me that if I bought a portable machine, I could use it to help us manage our pain on a daily basis. So I bought it tonight on Amazon.

When he feels better we can go to Galveston and eat dinner at the restaurant we took him to two years ago. I miss him even slightly enjoying  life and am hopeful that this may be a much better pain management tool for both of us.