Seasonal Depression

Rusty in PA

I just want to sleep…

Every January of every year as far back as I can remember, my mood turns very blah, and I often want to sleep during the day. My life is hard enough with raising my two sons with special needs and my aging parents.

And when the weather turns cold, cloudy/rainy? I consider my day a success if I’ve done anything beyond getting out of bed. But I push myself as much as I can.

Because I know my family is counting on me to take care of them. Or at least try to. I’m looking forward to the days getting longer with more sunshine. My business is in need of a lot more attention, yet I often doubt my ability to find a good deal on an investment property.

This must be what is known as the winter blues, and serves as a good reminder of how much I need my Savior. He KNOWS how I feel and can help lift me up when I fall, which sadly, is often. My anxiety completely gets in the way of me living an active life. So I pray for help as I try to help others, and He always comes through for me. Always.

Villanova University offers information about Seasonal Affective Disorder offers advice on how to fight these winter months.