Emotional Wounds Of My Characters

Tonight I read a blog post on the Writers Helping Writers blog about the effects our character’s emotional wounds.

The blog author, Angela Ackerman, states that: “The vast array of possible emotional wounds combined with each character’s personality gives you many options in terms of how your character will turn out.” As I read this, I remembered discussing our protagonist, Rachel Foster’s little sister dying before our story begins. This shapes her decisions when she meets our antagonist, Enzo.

Two days ago while I was editing Enzo’s chapter’s, I gained a deeper understanding of his motivation that drives his every decision. Sometimes my characters talk to me when I’m writing and editing. Enzo’s mind is twisted in part to the death of a loved one during his childhood.

Though the reasoning made sense regarding the why of these two characters, yet I never thought of it in terms of positive and negative traits based on these negative emotional wounds. Rachel’s empathy toward’s suffering and death also contributes to her impulsiveness. Enzo’s persistence in his efforts to inherit his father’s business has caused him to become disloyal and greedy towards everyone in his way.

To read Angela’s post, click here.

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