Showing Emotion


I find so many helpful writing tips on Pinterest, and showing emotion through dialogue hasn’t come as naturally to me as I thought it would as far as what the character is doing while either speaking or listening to whoever is in the scene with them. However, this post from The Writer’s Handbook Tumblr blog,  who shared it from  One Stop For Writer’s Pinterest board explains the way to show important emotions that for some reason haven’t come easy to me.

Emotions such showing interest or disinterest in a character, showing nervousness, frustration or anger, (such as trembling or clenching their fists), sadness, etc. While I’m reading a good book for the first time, the plot itself holds my attention, which is exactly what our books should do for readers. When the writing is so well done that I barely pay attention to the grammar and writing style of the author the first time I read it, that is a story that I will read again from my writer’s mind.



4 thoughts on “Showing Emotion

  1. I haven’t had the best of luck with editors catching all the typos. Ugh. Luckily, I have more control to hunt them down and change them now that I’m publishing them myself. But until they are fixed, they will still be in copies already purchased. In my own they are all minor. In my publishers, some are minor, some aren’t. Lol. I remember having bowels instead of bowls in one of my books. Both me and the editor missed it in all the rounds of edits. Is that ever the worst typo to have when you are having people eat out bowels instead of bowls. sigh I don’t know if there is a book on the market without any errors, though. I don’t notice them when I’m reading, and I try not to hold it against the author like so many do. Sure a bunch is hard, but one a chapter or less, it’s more of a shrug to the shoulders. No one is perfect. To expect it from a book written by a human, is unrealistic.


  2. It’s true that there likely isn’t a published book without any errors, and as long as there aren’t a lot of them in a good story, then I don’t hold it against the author, or the publisher. I still enjoy reading the book and will give it a good review (I still need to give yours a review).


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