Camp NanoWrimo


My family and I visited Galveston, Texas twice this month. Each time I go, my characters nag inspire me to finish my re-writing and editing of the first book in the Enchanted Locket series. Today I found out that Camp NanoWrimo has a camp in April and knew what would happen.

I’m participating in this year’s April Camp NanoWrimo because I really need to finish re-writing and editing my Enchanted Locket manuscript. I’ve only been working on it on and off for six years!


Emotional Wounds Of My Characters

Tonight I read a blog post on the Writers Helping Writers blog about the effects our character’s emotional wounds.

The blog author, Angela Ackerman, states that: “The vast array of possible emotional wounds combined with each character’s personality gives you many options in terms of how your character will turn out.” As I read this, I remembered discussing our protagonist, Rachel Foster’s little sister dying before our story begins. This shapes her decisions when she meets our antagonist, Enzo.

Two days ago while I was editing Enzo’s chapter’s, I gained a deeper understanding of his motivation that drives his every decision. Sometimes my characters talk to me when I’m writing and editing. Enzo’s mind is twisted in part to the death of a loved one during his childhood.

Though the reasoning made sense regarding the why of these two characters, yet I never thought of it in terms of positive and negative traits based on these negative emotional wounds. Rachel’s empathy toward’s suffering and death also contributes to her impulsiveness. Enzo’s persistence in his efforts to inherit his father’s business has caused him to become disloyal and greedy towards everyone in his way.

To read Angela’s post, click here.

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Seth Is Fifteen

SethToday is my son’s fifteenth birthday, and he has matured a lot this year. He also looks older, which makes me a little sad. I still remember when he looked like this:


I remember meeting Seth in 2005 when he was only 4 1/2 years old. He looked like he was 3 1/2 back then, yet now he’s 15 and looks like he’s 17. He is still smart, sweet, and funny.

This morning we took him to IHOP, and tomorrow night we will take him to the Rainforest Cafe in Galveston.

I’m excited to see what this year will be like for him!

Seasonal Depression

Rusty in PA

I just want to sleep…

Every January of every year as far back as I can remember, my mood turns very blah, and I often want to sleep during the day. My life is hard enough with raising my two sons with special needs and my aging parents.

And when the weather turns cold, cloudy/rainy? I consider my day a success if I’ve done anything beyond getting out of bed. But I push myself as much as I can.

Because I know my family is counting on me to take care of them. Or at least try to. I’m looking forward to the days getting longer with more sunshine. My business is in need of a lot more attention, yet I often doubt my ability to find a good deal on an investment property.

This must be what is known as the winter blues, and serves as a good reminder of how much I need my Savior. He KNOWS how I feel and can help lift me up when I fall, which sadly, is often. My anxiety completely gets in the way of me living an active life. So I pray for help as I try to help others, and He always comes through for me. Always.

Villanova University offers information about Seasonal Affective Disorder offers advice on how to fight these winter months.


Christmas Travels

Christmas 2015

My family and I are in Southern California visiting Jim’s brother. This is the first time we have spent a Christmas Eve and Christmas day waking up in a hotel instead of someone’s house, and I have so many mixed feelings about it.

The home-body side of me misses snuggling with my amazing husband on the couch watching T.V. with the soft glow of the Christmas tree lights. My adventurous side however is enjoying being away from home, with the four of us just being together. My son’s friend’s are not ringing our door bell everyday, and we haven’t once argued over whether or not they can go outside.

This trip has been a wonderful reminder of the reason for the season: the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I’m so grateful for the love and sacrifice He made for my family and I, and everyone who has ever lived. I hope you are had a great Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year.


My Dad’s Birthday

DadYesterday my father turned 75 years old, which for my family is pretty old. Unfortunately he is in a lot of pain from his back and feet due to numerous sports injuries plus disk degeneration, so he stayed home and watched T.V. all day.

He is a funny man who would do anything to help me out when it comes to my own pain. When I went to physical therapy last summer, they used ultra sound therapy on my feet. It REALLY helped me feel better, and it occurred to me that if I bought a portable machine, I could use it to help us manage our pain on a daily basis. So I bought it tonight on Amazon.

When he feels better we can go to Galveston and eat dinner at the restaurant we took him to two years ago. I miss him even slightly enjoying  life and am hopeful that this may be a much better pain management tool for both of us.

Prayers For Paris

My heart is so heavy from these vicious attacks in Paris last night. Imagine being out with your family or friends after work and suddenly you hear gunfire. Confused, you turn your head toward the sound and see bodies, laying in a huge pool of blood everywhere. Your chest pounds in fear when you see the machine gun pointed at you seconds before the spray of bullets end your life.

Or if you live in the U.S., you may have seen President Obama talking on the Today show saying that ISIS has been contained, and now he is on the news offering the French government any assistance they need.

I can’t imagine the horror that these people experienced, and the shock that they are now in. I’m praying for the people of Paris and the country of France as they deal with their grief.

Resident Ghosts

Since my family and I moved into our brand new house in 2013, there have been numerous signs of a spirit here. When I first began spinning my first ghost story with my co-author, Anthony F. Rando, I didn’t believe in them. To me, it was just a fun story to create.

However, I soon began experiencing things that typical ghost hunters search for: a cold presence, the sight of the spirit moving and then disappearing, my computer, T.V., radio, etc. turning on by themselves with no one in sight.

I believe one of my resident spirits to be my sweet mother-in-law, and the other spirit is my grandmother. They probably don’t actually live in my house, but visit me often, especially late at night when I’m downstairs. Often, they seem to want something from me, but I’m too tired to figure out what it is.

It has stirred up my desire to work on my novel, “The Enchanted Locket” again. I recently found a Texas monthly magazine that highlighted my novel’s location, Galveston Island, though this article does not actually mention ghosts. It does mention that great storm that created over 6,000 potential ghosts from their terrible Great Storm of 1900. So, along with my real estate investing work, I’ll also open up my long lost document and visit my neglected characters…

Growing Up!

Noah and Jim It’s hard to believe that my ‘baby’ is growing up. Noah turned 12 three weeks ago, and in the church I belong to (Mormon), he receives the Aaronic Priesthood. My husband, who helps teach his class, gave him a blessing as he placed his hands on Noah’s head, along with my brother and his other teachers, that he would continue to be a faithful servant of God.

Today was the first Sunday that he served the congregation the bread and water, and he looked so grown-up. He is one the tallest Deacons in his quorum, which should help him play basketball with them tomorrow. I LOVE him and his sweet spirit, and am so proud of him!

I found a financial partner!

I’m excited to announce some great news: I’ve found a finance partner for my real estate investment business! He funds the full loan amount with the exception of the appraisal fee, and I can put down as much money as I want and receive more of the profit, or put no money down, and they keep a small percentage of my profit.

One of my closest friends, Anthony, has always wanted to flip (rehab) distressed homes and then sell them at retail value, and has agreed to do the rehabbing projects for me. He lives in New York, but we will focus on the southern area of New Jersey. Anthony is REALLY talented in updating homes that need a lot of TLC.

Now that my twelve year old is back in school, it’s time for me to focus on my business and make some $$. The new family theme we chose about reaching our potential includes me putting the time and effort needed to succeed, which is precisely what Jim and I teach our sons. For effort, time, and faith in yourself = success, because even our mistakes teach us important lessons that lead to achieve our potential.

I updated the theme of my real estate business website to reflect my business cards. Click here to check it out!