Growing Up!

Noah and Jim It’s hard to believe that my ‘baby’ is growing up. Noah turned 12 three weeks ago, and in the church I belong to (Mormon), he receives the Aaronic Priesthood. My husband, who helps teach his class, gave him a blessing as he placed his hands on Noah’s head, along with my brother and his other teachers, that he would continue to be a faithful servant of God.

Today was the first Sunday that he served the congregation the bread and water, and he looked so grown-up. He is one the tallest Deacons in his quorum, which should help him play basketball with them tomorrow. I LOVE him and his sweet spirit, and am so proud of him!


A Grateful Heart

I love Jim. He is a patient, supportive husband who is my best friend. We have been through many challenges in our almost twelve years of marriage, and I’m so grateful that we’ve grown stronger as a result.

Jim and Jen I’m so grateful that Jim is my husband, because he is my other half. A number of my friends do not have happy marriages, which saddens me, yet helps me remember my blessings.