My Dad’s Birthday

DadYesterday my father turned 75 years old, which for my family is pretty old. Unfortunately he is in a lot of pain from his back and feet due to numerous sports injuries plus disk degeneration, so he stayed home and watched T.V. all day.

He is a funny man who would do anything to help me out when it comes to my own pain. When I went to physical therapy last summer, they used ultra sound therapy on my feet. It REALLY helped me feel better, and it occurred to me that if I bought a portable machine, I could use it to help us manage our pain on a daily basis. So I bought it tonight on Amazon.

When he feels better we can go to Galveston and eat dinner at the restaurant we took him to two years ago. I miss him even slightly enjoying  life and am hopeful that this may be a much better pain management tool for both of us.


Missing My Son

Life is tough at the moment. My fourteen-year-old son has been at a residential ranch since April. He had a traumatic early childhood, and some of these memories have come back to haunt him.

Seth with his long curls.

My husband, Jim, and I talk to him every Sunday (except on the weekends we get to visit him). He suffers from a mood disorder that causes dangerous, scary behavior, where we end up calling 911 so he can be evaluated. My heart is sad at his absence, but the alternative is even more frightening.

I’m grateful for my faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ, who will heal our minds, bodies, and hearts when we pray for His help. I’ve prayed for patience throughout this trial, to avoid pulling Seth from the ranch healing program. They progress through five levels of both reading and work before their graduation. I love knowing that they have year round school to help his reading fluency.

Seth after I cut off his beautiful curls.
Seth after I cut off his beautiful curls.

So while it’s difficult not knowing when he will be able to return home, I’m glad to know he’s in a safe place where he can work through his suppressed anger and sadness. I look forward to the day when he is healthy and happy!