Spending So Much Time…

I spent hours changing the theme on my blog yesterday, and then spent another two hours changing it to this theme this morning after my sons finished their morning schedule. I enjoy playing with the different themes and color schemes that WordPress offers, while also being frustrated with myself for becoming obsessed with it.

I understand that it happens to me because I immerse myself so much into creating headers and backgrounds as a result of having a semi-addictive personality, with a dash of OCD. I inherited it from my dad, and have come to accept it as a weakness that can and will become a strength because of my faith in God.

Listening to music helps me focus and stay on task, as well as communicate with the Holy Ghost for guidance. This weekend it hit me that I have been leaning unto my own strength (which is actually weak) instead of relying on His power to steer me away from distractions.

I created a daily schedule this morning for my boys, and I must admit it is just as much for me as it is for them.