Eerie Picture

enchanted-background.jpgPicture retrieved from Getty Images

This is the picture that inspired my new short story, Crossing Over. These Spirits appear to be ‘walking’ on water as if trying to reach a destination, and the green background gave me the idea of the powerful evil Spirit known as the Dark One. He uses a powerful mist to disorient and kill anyone who travels in this part of the Atlantic Ocean.

There are thousands of trapped Spirits who can’t cross over into the Spirit World because of his power. My protagonist, Maria, who is the most recent victim, is confused by the mist until she sees Him. She and her family realize that there accident was the result of this evil one, and are dismayed. Maria is now determined to find a way to defeat the Dark One with the help of her new friends.


Preparing For My NaNo Novel

It’s that time of year again! I’m preparing to write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November with my friend and co-author, Anthony Rando.

Our story, Crossing Over, a Y.A. paranormal tale, has thousands of earth-bound Spirits who fear the Dark One. My protagonist, Maria, flies with her family in their private plane for a weekend trip. They soon encounter a thick, mysterious green mist, and then crash into the Atlantic Ocean.

I’m enjoying interviewing my characters and look forward to November 1st!


I’m so happy to have my certificate after a hectic month of writing a very rough draft of the time travel novel that has been in my head for 2 1/2 years now. But I’m far from finished writing this draft now that my characters are so fully developed.

Did you participate in NaNo this year?