Eerie Picture

enchanted-background.jpgPicture retrieved from Getty Images

This is the picture that inspired my new short story, Crossing Over. These Spirits appear to be ‘walking’ on water as if trying to reach a destination, and the green background gave me the idea of the powerful evil Spirit known as the Dark One. He uses a powerful mist to disorient and kill anyone who travels in this part of the Atlantic Ocean.

There are thousands of trapped Spirits who can’t cross over into the Spirit World because of his power. My protagonist, Maria, who is the most recent victim, is confused by the mist until she sees Him. She and her family realize that there accident was the result of this evil one, and are dismayed. Maria is now determined to find a way to defeat the Dark One with the help of her new friends.


Quick Update

I am finally writing another blog post. The last few days I’ve been busy working on both my adult ghost/spirit short story, The Enchanted Stone, and my YA time travel novel, Time Control: Deception.

It is such a blessing to me when my characters talk to me as I write their stories, and it helps me to not dwell on my health problems. Now that I’m writing daily again, hopefully all of my tales will be published one day.

Otherwise my ghosts will haunt me again. Did you know that I have a Spirit in my new house? Yep, and he/she opened up the light fixture while my son sat below. And where I’m currently sitting and writing this.