Camp NanoWrimo


My family and I visited Galveston, Texas twice this month. Each time I go, my characters nag inspire me to finish my re-writing and editing of the first book in the Enchanted Locket series. Today I found out that Camp NanoWrimo has a camp in April and knew what would happen.

I’m participating in this year’s April Camp NanoWrimo because I really need to finish re-writing and editing my Enchanted Locket manuscript. I’ve only been working on it on and off for six years!


Resident Ghosts

Since my family and I moved into our brand new house in 2013, there have been numerous signs of a spirit here. When I first began spinning my first ghost story with my co-author, Anthony F. Rando, I didn’t believe in them. To me, it was just a fun story to create.

However, I soon began experiencing things that typical ghost hunters search for: a cold presence, the sight of the spirit moving and then disappearing, my computer, T.V., radio, etc. turning on by themselves with no one in sight.

I believe one of my resident spirits to be my sweet mother-in-law, and the other spirit is my grandmother. They probably don’t actually live in my house, but visit me often, especially late at night when I’m downstairs. Often, they seem to want something from me, but I’m too tired to figure out what it is.

It has stirred up my desire to work on my novel, “The Enchanted Locket” again. I recently found a Texas monthly magazine that highlighted my novel’s location, Galveston Island, though this article does not actually mention ghosts. It does mention that great storm that created over 6,000 potential ghosts from their terrible Great Storm of 1900. So, along with my real estate investing work, I’ll also open up my long lost document and visit my neglected characters…

Getting Better!

Last Monday my physical therapist had me do an exercise that hurt my neck and sent me running to my surgeon’s office. I was so relieved when the x-rays came back with no change in my fusion–I did NOT want to repeat that surgery!

Now that I’m back to the not over-doing it/resting stage, I’ve been editing The Crossroad novel and The Enchanted Locket novel, which has been a great boost to my health. Focusing on my characters’ problems and solutions takes my mind off of mine, which is how I began the journey of writing a full length novel. Since Anthony and I split up Emma and Olivia’s stories, the words have practically jumped out of my head and onto the keyboard. I should have listened to them sooner when they said they had their own tale, instead of trying to force both plots together.

That’s all I have for an update at the moment, other than when I’m not typing away at my keyboard, I’m slowly packing up boxes for my move next month. What’s new with you?

It’s Great to Work on My Novels again!

After a six week resting (from doing much of anything) break, I feel well enough to work on my novels! It’s so amazing to write after letting the stories sit in my word documents while my neck heals. I’ve enjoyed reading Kirsten White’s Paranormalcy series; it’s fueled my desire to edit my paranormal novel, The Enchanted Locket.

Have you met your writing goals this week? Do you find it difficult to write after the business of the holidays?

Background, Setting, and My Old House…

I have learned some key points for adding an interesting background and setting for The Enchanted Locket. Since my co-author, Anthony, and I were not able to make a recent visit to upstate New York, we have changed the location to my old town in Pennsylvania: Jackson Twp., which is about forty miles north of Pittsburgh. I wanted to use a setting that I know very well, from the history and layout of my former neighborhood, to the restaurants that my family and I shared meals in.

One of the writing tricks I learned is to include the weather conditions. My novel opens in the summer time, so I have focused on the humidity that the area has, and I also included the wind storms that rattled the windows during the winter months. I remember being ‘spooked’ in my old house during the winter time. Between the wooded lake that stood just across the street, and the dark gray skies that never seemed to let the sunlight out, it sometimes felt a bit eerie. And that’s exactly the setting that I need to set up my story.

What about you? Do you include weather reports in your setting?